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Auto updates are configured via webhooks within the repository on GitHub. You will need to be an owner (not just a collaborator) of the repository in order to perform these steps.
1. Go to `[user-or-group-name]/[repo-name]/settings/hooks/new`
2. Set the **Payload URL** to
2. Set the **Payload URL** to ``
3. Set the **Content type** to 'application/json'
4. Set **Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?** to 'Let me select individual events' and select 'Pull request' and 'Push' (since these are the only events that should trigger an update)
#### GitLab
1. Go to `[user-or-group-name]/[repo-name]/settings/integrations
2. Set the **URL** to
1. Go to `[user-or-group-name]/[repo-name]/settings/integrations`
2. Set the **URL** to ``
3. Set the **Trigger** to 'Push events' and 'Tag push events'.
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