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## Documentation books
CiviCRM documentation is organised into various *books*. The content for a book is written in [markdown]( and stored in a git repository (for example ). If a book is translated into different languages, then a separate repository is used for each language. If required, different *versions* of a book can be made by creating different *branches* in a repository. See *Defining books* below for more information.
## Defining a new book
Books are defined with a Yaml configuration file. To define a new book, create a `.yml` file and add it to the `app/config/books/` directory of this repository.
The config file defines the name of the book, the repository that contains the source code, and the **languages** that the book is available in, with a repository for each language. For each language, the configuration file defines:
* which **edition** of the book should be considered **stable**
* where to find the **latest** edits to the book
* a history of book **editions** of the book (these will be publicly listed at
If you would like to be notified by email whenever an update to a book is published, you can add your email to the notify list.
**Example book definition:**
name: User guide
description: Aimed at day to day users of CiviCRM.
repo: ''
latest: master
stable: 4.7
- 4.6
- 4.5
- 4.4
notify: # will be notified when documentation is published (as well as any emails mentioned in commits)
repo: ''
latest: master
# stable: master (will not be published)
## Defining new books
This information/content has moved to a new repository. Click here to see the [docs-books repository](
## Publishing updates to a book
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