Commit 4a2267a1 authored by Matthew Wire's avatar Matthew Wire

State/County is not required by Stripe, so make it optional

parent 7eb10d53
......@@ -304,6 +304,31 @@ class CRM_Core_Payment_Stripe extends CRM_Core_Payment {
* Get form metadata for billing address fields.
* @param int $billingLocationID
* @return array
* Array of metadata for address fields.
public function getBillingAddressFieldsMetadata($billingLocationID = NULL) {
$metadata = parent::getBillingAddressFieldsMetadata($billingLocationID);
if (!$billingLocationID) {
// Note that although the billing id is passed around the forms the idea that it would be anything other than
// the result of the function below doesn't seem to have eventuated.
// So taking this as a param is possibly something to be removed in favour of the standard default.
$billingLocationID = CRM_Core_BAO_LocationType::getBilling();
// Stripe does not require the state/county field
if (!empty($metadata["billing_state_province_id-{$billingLocationID}"]['is_required'])) {
$metadata["billing_state_province_id-{$billingLocationID}"]['is_required'] = FALSE;
return $metadata;
* Implementation of hook_civicrm_buildForm().
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